Monday, October 19, 2015

GIVEAWAY, Conference Update and New Box Set Announcement

Okay, okay. I've been naughty. I haven't updated this blog since July, and I'm sorry!! If you've read any of my past blog posts, or are friends with me on Facebook, you'll know that I have a difficult time multi-tasking. So let me take a moment to bring you up to speed with my writing life:

No time for a giveaway?
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First, I'm a guest on Happily Ever After Thoughts HEAT blog this week, and offering a pre-Halloween GIVEAWAY! If you've never read my books, this is your chance to get a FREE copy of Any Witch Way sent to you, and autographed by moi!! The link for the blog post is HERE.

Delinquent update:
The pitch for my YA Contemporary to the Harlequin editor, and my dream agent at the RWA 2015 conference went very well, and both of them asked me for a full manuscript. Woot-woot! I spent all of August revising based on my beta reader comments, and sent it to them in September. Still waiting to keep your fingers crossed!

Don't want to wait?
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My Paranormal Fans: You'll be happy to know I haven't abandoned you, either! My short story, "Piper's Piping" is coming out in PRINT this holiday season! This paranormal holiday story is featured along with 11 other outstanding authors in a 3-book set that's sure to be a hit with all of the
romance readers on your shopping list! More as I know it with links, etc.

There. You're officially up-to-date! Stay tuned for some NaNoWriMo Prep...

Happily My Ever After,


  1. Good job on the RWA 2015 conference pitch, Dylan. Very exciting news!


    1. Thanks, lake! I'm really excited about exploring a new genre--one that happens to be a favorite of mine! I appreciate you stopping by today. :)