Works in Progress

This month, I self-published for the FIRST TIME, so I can now officially call myself a 'hybrid' author! Check out my "BOOKS" page for details on DARK DREAMS (and how you can buy it for only $.99!).

In addition to that, I've been working hard with my fabulous agent, Cori at Three Seas Literary, for a
home for my Young Adult Series, Laybelle High--which is a series revolving around destructive teen labels (get it? Laybelle with labels) and the incredible strength and resilience of our everyday teen heroes. I thought I'd share with you all the blurb for the first two books in the series--keep your fingers crossed these books find homes soon!

Laybelle High Series

DELINQUENTA juvenile delinquent on parole for killing his abusive father needs to stay under the disciplinary radar in order to graduate. Then, he falls for the school’s party girl whose secret forces him to once again choose between what’s legally right and what’s morally right. He must escape from the prison of his own making, and keep her from repeating his deadly mistake. 

DESPOILED: Livia Diasparra never met a party she didn’t like, but her outrageous behavior hides something darker. She pairs up with a juvenile delinquent to teach her how to kill someone--you know, just in case. Can a victim of child pornography be worthy of love?


  1. You really hooked me with your excerpt, especially that last line! I also adore your cover! Hope they use it when DELINQUENT is published. ;)

    1. Thanks, +C.T.Charles for the lovely compliment! Fingers crossed for the agents to be as impressed! :)

  2. Wow. What great writing. Dylan, I want to read this so badly! Can't wait.