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QUIZ: How Well Do YOU Know Werewolves?

Test your shape-shifter knowledge and comment for a chance to win an e-copy of my werewolf novel "Despite the Fangs," (see book video here)! Then, enter the fun Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop drawing for a $100 Amazon/B&N giftcard!


QUESTION 1: What herbs will ward off werewolves?
A. Frankincense and myrrh
B. Rye, mistletoe and wolfsbane
C. Rosemary, parsley and sage
D. All of the above
ANSWER: B--Rye, mistletoe and wolfsbane

QUESTION 2: According to folklore, what are ways people can become a werewolf?
A. Drinking rainwater from a wolf's footprint
B. Sleep outside with the full moon shining in your face
C. Be bitten by a werewolf
D. All of the above
ANSWER: D--All of the above.

QUESTION 3: In "Despite the Fangs" my werewolf heroine, Aribella, possesses some of the same qualities as a 'regular' wolf. Which quality does Aribella possess?
A. Her saliva has antibacterial and tissue regeneration properties.
B. She is better at chasing and tracking prey than her male counterparts.
C. Estrus (or breeding time) occurs only once per year and lasts almost two weeks.
D. All of the above.
ANSWER: D--My werewolf heroine, Aribella, possesses all of these qualities, just like her genetically distant wolf cousins. See the book video trailer here.

QUESTION 4: In Warren Zevon's hit, "Werewolves of London" what did the werewolf have in hand, while walking the streets of SOHO in the rain?
A. An umbrella.
B. A Chinese menu
C. A mutilated lady.
D. All of the above.
ANSWER: B--Chinese menu. Want to listen to the whole song? Click here.

QUESTION 5: What is the name of the rare medical condition nicknamed 'Werewolf Syndrome' that causes an abnormal amount of hair growth all over the body?
A. Hypertrichosis
B. Wingardium Leviosa
C. Sectumsempra
D. Protego Horribilis
ANSWER: A--Hypertrichosis, a genetic anomaly you can read about here or see pictures of here. The rest of the answers are all spells from the Harry Potter series. :)

How did you do?? Comment on my blog below, and on November 1, a random commenter will win an electronic version of "Despite the Fangs" from me!


You're in luck! I'm participating in the Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop, with tons of prizes, PLUS...a grand prize of a $100 Amazon/Barnes & Noble giftcard! Check out the other spook-tacular authors on this blog hop:

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Dayana Knight interview with her wickedly good "Witch Familiar" release!

I'm so excited to have Dayana Knight as a guest today, as she's announcing her newest work, Witch Familiar-a novella I had the pleasure of reading, and blurbing! 

Welcome Dayana! Can you tell my readers a little bit about your newest book, Witch Familiar, and the inspiration for it? 

I am thrilled to be here with you Dylan. I am actually a big fan of yours. I loved Despite the Fangs and Despite the Ghosts

(*blushing*) Awww...thanks! You're so sweet!!

Well...actually Witch Familiar came about as a dare to myself.  What I mean by that is I am so not a write-on-demand type of girl.  So when this opportunity came up, I decided to toss the negative to the wind and see what I could do. With three words in mind--witch, wolf, and raven--the story was born. The story is about a hedge(green) witch, Brianna McShae, who suddenly finds herself cauldron-deep in danger. Since this is a short, I don't want to give too much away so allow me to share the blurb:

Breanna McShae is a practicing green witch—harm to none, do as you will is the mantra she lives by. She must seek a familiar as her powers have reached peak and grounding does not pull enough of her magick back.  After performing a ritual asking the Goddess to provide her with her given familiar, she finds she has two animals vying for her attentions—a wolf and a raven.  The catch is one of them is the love of life and the other devastating trouble—a sikkqui—a creature that can assume any shape and sucks the very essence of human spirit and soul out leaving none but death and destruction behind.  The only way to destroy it is too perform a dark ritual, which is taboo for a green witch.  Her biggest problem is to figure out which animal is the sikkqui and then go against her very nature to destroy it without destroying herself and the shifter who has captured her heart.

I loved the story both for its dark, spooky elements and for its romance. Great blend, Dayana! Okay, next question:  What do you believe is THE most important thing writers can do for themselves to get an agent/publisher in today's market? 

I think the most important things in today's market are: unique twists on storylines, be sure you follow publisher guidelines, know what it is they are looking for and most important on the author end is be sure you have the perfect manuscript to submit.  Always, ALWAYS proof you work. Nothing worse than sending in the WRONG version or finding a kazillion typos or mispelled, misused words after you hit send.

If you could have done anything differently with your writing career so far, what would it be? 

hmmm...well I would not have let too much time pass between projects. Unfortunately life does get in the way.  I had great momentum going with my earlier books then lost it when I had to step away from my creative side for a time.  The best advise I can give is keep writing no matter what is going on around you however hard it seems.  I, for one, need to follow my own advice:)

Hey, we all know that life happens--and I think you're going great! Who are your writing role models, and how have they influenced you? 

I love Patricia Cornwall and her knack for suspense, Janet Evanovich for her delightfully quirky and humorous characters, Laurel K Hamilton, for her outrageous world building and hunky characters, Victoria Holt for her gothic flare and old-fashion ghost stories complete with mansions and haunting imagery, JR Ward, James Patterson and so many others.
I have always loved writing. I even penned a romance novel in a spiral notebook in my early teens complete with a sketched cover of a couple walking away with fingers laced in each other jean belt loops. I would love to read it now:)  I can't say how much influence these authors have had over my personal writing. I believe as we practice the craft, we develop our own unique voice. I only hope my stories will pull at the emotions of my readers as these authors' stories have pulled at mine. 

What's one fact about you that most people don't know?  

I am actually petrified to stand up before a crowd and speak. Public speaking is so not my thing, however, at times I must and do conquer LOL albeit, shaking like the proverbial leaf with trembling voice!

:) Thanks for chatting with me today, and best of luck with your release of Witch Familiar! I know people will want to check you out online. Can you give us your website links and contact information? 

Dayana Knight was born and raised near the legendary Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey,
home of the legendary Jersey Devil also known as the 13th Son. Dayana has always been fascinated
with all things supernatural and paranormal. She began writing at age eleven and published a poem in
her sixth grade yearbook. Dayana enjoys solitary walks in mist-covered forests, visiting century-old cemeteries, and spine-tingling ghost stories. She loves old houses and antiques, which she says breathe lives of their own. Oh, and the stories they could tell if only they could talk! And of course, her favorite holiday is Halloween/Samhain. She now lives in Southern Florida with her husband and her two beautiful dogs: a Sheltie,Bea and Collie, Shane.

Visit Dayana at:

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NaNoWriMo Veteran's Clues on Starting and Finishing Your Novel

As promised in my NaNoWriMo blog post last week, here is my first video for all of you intrepid writers joining me for the 2014 NaNoWriMo challenge (that's National Novel Writing Month, and you can find out more about it here).
Dylan Newton: Starting &Finishing Your Novel

YouTube link:

It's about 45 minutes long, and filled with my tips for the following:

  • What to do NOW before NaNoWriMo begins
  • Tricks for Hooking Your Reader from the Start
  • The 2 Most Useful Tips to Beating Writer's Block
  • Useful websites I use as a writer
  • And...lots of personal details about my writing process that you may or may not want to know. ;)

PLUS...I've created this handy-dandy November calendar for you to print out and use at your will. 

Join me on Wednesday, October 29 for my HUGE kickoff event here at my blog, as well as on my Author Facebook page here

Happily Writing My Ever After,

P.S. Here is the link to sign up for National Novel Writing Month:

P.P.S. Be sure to subscribe to this blog, as well as my newsletter, for more NaNoWriMo info and writer-ly goodies! 

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Interview with Jennifer Taylor and her debut novel "Mercy of the Moon"

Today, I am thrilled to host talented author, and friend, Jennifer Taylor, whose debut novel, "Mercy of the Moon" a historical romance, releases today!

Jennifer Taylor with her debut historical romance, "Mercy of the Moon"

Welcome, Jennifer! I'm so excited to have you here on your release day! "Mercy of the Moon" is my kind of book--I'm halfway through the novel and loving it!! Can't wait to have you sign my copy (which I ordered early from Amazon here).
Thanks, Dylan—I’m thrilled to be with you today. I am a blog interview virgin, so be gentle with me!

I will, and I promise to cuddle you afterwards. ;) 

As many writers read this blog, I want to start with the most frequent question I hear from unpublished authors: What do you think is THE most important thing writers can do to get an agent/publisher in today's market?
·         Join a writer’s organization like RWA (Romance Writers of America). You will learn about craft and the business of being a published author. I would not have my contract with the Wild Rose Press without the support and of our local RWA chapter, Sunshine State Romance Authors (SSRA). I am very grateful.

·         Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. So you think your story isn’t perfect? We are all learning, every day. Jump in and enter one of RWA’s contests: that’s how I got my contract. When I finaled in NWHRWA’s Lone Star Contest, one of the judges, Allison Byers, editor at TWRP, requested to read my full manuscript. And now she’s my editor extraordinaire! Take a chance and let your baby see the light of day. You learn a lot from the critiques.
·         Most of all, keep writing. Carve out a routine and do your best to stick to it, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. Keep a writer’s journal, where you can encourage yourself, record your brilliant ideas, and talk to your characters.

Excellent advice! If you could have done anything differently with your writing career so far, what would it be?
Click here to buy it on Amazon!
I wouldn’t waste a minute being discouraged. I spent several years writing children’s fiction, and came close to contracting my middle grade novel, but it didn’t pan out. Did I fail? No. What I learned from writing for children has been a tremendous help to me as I write historical romances.

Who are your writing role models, and how have they influenced you?
I love Diana Gabaldon’s writing and her ability to blend multiple genres so flawlessly. She’s a genius. But my biggest role models are the founding members of Sunshine State Romance Authors-you, Loretta Rogers, and Flossie Benton Rogers, multi-published authors who share their experience and knowledge despite having very busy lives. You three have shown me how it’s done: with class, generosity, and kindness.

Aww! You're so sweet! :) Okay, now we know you've just released "Mercy of the Moon" but are you planning any upcoming releases? Next books?
I am currently working on the second book in my Rhythm of the Moon series, Heartbeat of the Moon.

What's one fact about you that most people don't know.
In 2006, I volunteered in Romania at a failure to thrive clinic/orphanage with Global Volunteers. It was a life-changing experience for me.
My great grandmother was a postwoman/midwife in the mountains of Idaho. It’s partly why my heroine, Maggie is a midwife. My uncanny gift for knowing when someone’s pregnant-sometimes before they do-is probably in my genes.
I fear the pneumatic tube.

I know people will want to check you out online. Can you give us your website links and contact information?

Thanks for being here on your debut release day, Jennifer! I am loving your historical romance, "Mercy of the Moon" and am looking forward to more novels. 

"Mercy of the Moon" Book BLURB:
Strange things are happening in King’s Harbour. Midwife Maggie Wilson vows to find the person who almost murdered her sister. When her sister’s behavior ignites old superstitions, the townspeople threaten to send her to an asylum. Maggie turns to handsome Ian for help in a town where everybody is against her.
Apothecary Ian Pierce wants nothing more than to feel whole, as he does when he is near the beautiful midwife, singing to her soul with his music. Only then can he forget the horrors from his past when false accusations sent him to Bedlam.
When they unearth the deeds of a sinister killer, Ian’s most daunting battle will be to safeguard his sanity…and win Maggie’s heart.

The door swung open,
and Mr. Pierce, the singer from the kirkyard, thrust
himself into the room. He carried a body in his arms,
covered in a cloak. Blue-tinged, slender feet dangled
from the tattered, mud-soaked hem.
Samuel stared in slack-jawed shock and backed
away. “Why have you brought this body here?”
To Maggie’s astonishment, the body began
convulsing in great spasms, and the singer struggled to
hold it. The cloak fell off, revealing a shroud-wrapped
body, only the face exposed. The eyes, ice blue, stared
wide and unblinking and blank with terror.
Sarah’s eyes. Her lips blue, dirt-encrusted
eyelashes, cleft chin. “It cannot be,” Maggie whispered,
and shrank back. Coldness enveloped her, as if she had
slipped into a frozen lake, cold water surrounding her,
and could hear only muffled voices, echoing urgent and
sharp. She saw only shapes above the icy water.
“Miss Maggie.”
A voice, masculine and hoarse, broke through the
ice, and she stared into the singer’s eyes. They steadied
and warmed, pulled her out of her daze.
“We must move her by the fire and rid her of this
shroud,” Ian urged.
She took a deep, shaky breath. Yes. It was Sarah,
yet the eyes stared unseeing in a blue-mottled face
covered in dirt.
Samuel’s voice escalated in panic. “She was
buried, she was dead. I saw her. How can this be?” He
turned his head away.
Maggie grabbed him by the shoulders. “Samuel, you must look at her. 
Somehow it is our Sarah.”

About the Author: 
JenniferTaylor spent her childhood running wild on an Idaho mountainside. Although she’s lived across the U.S., she is still an Idahoan at heart and a notorious potato pusher. She has a degree in Human Services and worked as a roofer, a hoofer, a computer data entry operator and a stay-at-home mom.

Music has ruled her world since birth: she shimmied out of the womb with a bad case of Boogie Fever, but soon fell in love with the lyrics, how the words fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. Jennifer has dreamt of writing romances since reading Wuthering Heights at the tender age of twelve, and now lives that dream, using music on a daily basis to uplift and inspire her writing. It’s no coincidence that Ian, the hero in Mercy of the Moon, uses music to win heroine Maggie’s heart.

Jennifer lives in rural Florida with her husband and enjoys the comings and goings of her three grown children and three grandchildren. She feverishly lobbies for the return of breeches and would really love to see her husband of thirty-five years in a pair.

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Gearing Up For NaNoWriMo - Join Me!

Today, I officially signed up for my month long flogging session... Also known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

In fact, I've dedicated a new page on my blog--it's on the menu above as 'Newton's NaNo 2014' and has all of the info YOU need to join me next month for some writer-ly camaraderie and goodies. I'll be giving out cheat-sheets, providing weekly "Writers Give Me Five" quickie motivation and craft videos, and probably a few FREEBIES here and there!

My first novel--direct result of 2008 NaNoWriMo!
I first participated in NaNoWriMo back in 2008, where I began my paranormal romance novel  "A Ghost of a Chance," which later was published by The Wild Rose Press (with a title change) as  "DESPITE THE GHOSTS." After that, I've participated several other years, with success in a novella, published in 2013 called ANY WITCH WAY, and in 2014 with my latest novel, DESPITE THE FANGS.

So, given that my NaNo projects have almost always resulted in a publishing contract, I'm obviously a big fan.

So, what is NaNoWriMo?
It's a FREE web challenge dedicated to getting writers in the habit of writing every single day of November, such that by month's end, you've written 50,000 words...or a small novel. For those of you non-Math majors, like me, that breaks down to writing around 1,667 words a day every single day of November.

Yep. Even Thanksgiving.

To help you along, I've created a Newton's NaNo page here and you can subscribe to my blog above, or my YouTube channel here, where I will be hosting "Writers Give Me Five"--short, <5 minute tips to get you through your novel in November.

NaNo will push you to your writer-ly limits...but in a good way. The best thing I get as a "WriMo" every year is a re-dedication to the BIC rule.

Don't know the BIC rule?
That's the most IMPORTANT rule as a writer: Keep your BIC--Butt in a Chair.

Yep. That's really all the writer-ly magic boils down to, right there. 
Applying butt glue and persevering. 

So join me, writers, and dedicate yourself to the BIC rule by signing up for National Novel Writing Month with me this November!! (We'll worry about our flattened rump in December.)

With my Butt in the Chair....I'll write my way to....
Happily My Ever After,


Unless you didn't catch the multiple NaNoWriMo links in my above post, you can sign up for the November writing challenge by going here. It's free. And I guarantee if you complete the challenge, you'll be a better writer for it...not that my guarantee means a whole lot. That and $3.24 will get you a Dunkin' Donuts Chai Latte. Yummmm....

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I was worried I sounded like an idiot, but it's not half bad for my first time!

Click on the picture above, or here, to listen to my interview, which begins around 2 min 25 seconds
During my interview, I talk about my first paranormal experience (at SUNY Geneseo, for all you Upstate, NY'ers) and am offering a Reader's Choice giveaway on PNR for any 1 of my 3 books! 

After my interview, you can stick around to hear an interview with USA Today's Bestselling author, Faith HunterHuge thanks to my hostess, the incredible Arial Burnz - Author and to PNR Radio for having me, and for making my first radio interview so easy! You ROCK!!