Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LAST DAY FOR SELFIES with Dylan's BOOK Contest

Check out some of the entries I've received so far in my SELFIES with Dylan's Book Contest to win a HUGE bouquet of flowers and chocolate shipped to you (US only, sorry my Canadian friends!).

Details on the contest are here, but it's easy to enter.

1. Take a Selfie with the cover of my book (no purchase necessary--just pull up my cover on your Kindle or smart phone).
2. Post to Facebook or Pinterest and tag me.
3. Watch Wednesday, Feb. 13 to see whose name is drawn!

Good luck!!
Happily My Ever After,

P.S. Contest details are here, and the whole month-long Prize-A-Palooza events can be found here.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Selifes with Dylan's Book CONTEST


As part of my month long Prize-A-Palooza, I have a fun, easy contest for you with some fabulous prizes at the end!! No purchase of my book necessary, either!

Here's how to enter the drawing for this HUGE bouquet of flowers and chocolates delivered to your house on Valentine's Day (US delivery only, sorry!):

It's two steps:

  1. Take a selife holding one of my books (covers are here), or pull up one of my covers on your Kindle (book covers on Kindle here and here), and 
  2. Upload it on Facebook and tag me on my Facebook Author Page or upload it to your Pinterest page, and message me with the link, and you're in the running for...

A bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates from 1-800-Flowers (retails for $64.99) sent to YOU from ME on Valentine's Day !!!

All entries will be included on my Pinterest page in "Nabbed Reading Newton" and the BEST pics will be on my Amazon Author and Goodreads pages! Plus, if you send in a selfie with you holding a picture of my book, you receive TWO ENTRIES for my month-end contest to have...

A CHARACTER NAMED AFTER YOU in my next book!!!

Okay, get out those cell phones, snap those selfies, and tag me on my Facebook Author page, or upload it to your Pinterest page, and message me with the link.

Contest ends Feb. 13, so take those selfies now (try and keep it PG-13, though). :)

Snapping pics of...
Happily my Ever After,

P.S. Click here to read all about what I'm doing for my massive giveaways for Prize-A-Palooza this month.

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Monday, February 3, 2014


February is National Creative Romance Month...
and Dylan's 2nd Annual Prize-A-Palooza!

Yep,  in honor of creative romance month, I will be hosting fun contests, scavenger hunts and photo ops and showering my winning participants during a month-long Prize-A-Palooza. As a special surprise, ONE LUCKY PARTICIPANT will have a CHARACTER NAMED AFTER YOU in my next book.

How cool is that?

How can you participate in Prize-A-Palooza? It's easy!
1. Go to my Facebook Author page (, "Like" me, and then watch for Facebook updates.
2. Subscribe to my freebie-only newsletter at the right--a newsletter that I only email when I have something FREE to giveaway!

I'll be posting every few days with a new way you can win one of these prizes:
  • Creative Romance Month wouldn't be complete without giving away a romance novel! I'll be awarding autographed, personalized copies of "Despite the Ghosts" and "Any Witch Way" (shipped to you for free by me!).
  • Box of Chocolates
  • Bouquet of Flowers
  • And a bunch of NEW Author Swag!!

AND...all participants will be entered in a drawing to have a CHARACTER NAMED AFTER YOU in my next novel!

Again, just go to my author page on Facebook ( and "Like" me to see what's in store for the month, or subscribe to my freebie-only newsletter by entering your email address in at the right.

Good luck and thanks for celebrating Creative Romance Month with me as I...

Happily My Ever After,

Facebook link again is