Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Author Visits--Scheduling Now!

Scheduling Now for Author Visits to Your Book Club, Classroom, or Writer's Group!

Giving a workshop on Goal Setting for Writers in Sunshine
State Romance Authors workshop
I get multiple emails from groups asking to schedule time with me to come in person (where
available) and via Skype/Facetime around this time of year. I'm always happy to speak with groups of 6 or more ('cause 6 is my lucky number!), and I'm known for my enthusiasm and my giveaways/swag!

Typical classroom/young writer's swag and my book 'props'
 If you are a teacher/after-school organizer, you should know I waive my normal speaker's fee to speak with young writers, and I typically schedule 3-4 classroom and Youth NaNoWriMo talks each year.

BUT...I book up fast, and now is the time to schedule me for 2018! I have some openings before the summer, and right now, my calendar is pretty clear for October/November (right at National Novel Writing Month) but it's a first-come, first-booked situation, so plan accordingly.

To contact me to schedule a speaking event, either comment below with your email and details, or message me on my Facebook author page HERE, or simply email me directly at hidylan@dylannewton.com .

Looking forward to chatting with you!
Happily My Ever After,

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