This is the 6th year I've participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and along the way, I've learned a few things. This post is a supplement to my 5 minute video for "Writers Give Me Five" with the printable to-do list I promised of the things you should do BEFORE November 1st--things I've learned the hard way!

NaNoWriMo PREPPER List: 

10 Things you MUST do BEFORE November

  1. Watch my 45-minute FREE workshop "Starting and Finishing Your Novel" found here for all of those other writer-ly things you should do before you start to write on November
  2. Clean your house—new sheets, dust, vacuum, scrub all bathrooms, the works! 
  3. Do laundry. Iron, sort, fold. Repeat.
  4. Bills—Pay the ones you can now, and use your NaNo calendar (found here) to schedule the next time you need to pay them to avoid late fees.
  5. Grocery Shop like it’s the Zombie Apocalypse! Get any boxed, canned or frozen meals and goods that your family will eat (or at least tolerate) for November.
  6. Personal Maintenance. Hair, brows, pedicures, take OFF acrylic nails.
  7. Get Ahead on Work! 
  8. COOK & MAKE DOUBLES TO FREEZE! Links I mentioned in the video are: my Cook For a Day, Eat for a Long Friggin' Time Pinterest page is here, and the wonderful site WhoNeedsACape.com has a great step-by-step 40 Meals in 4 hrs tutorial for any beginner here. Also, if you’d like a few new recipes to try, check out my freebie page here for two yummy recipe cards SIGNED for FREE.
  9. Call/Visit Friends. 
  10. Exercise and Get 8 hrs sleep.

Finally, if you haven't added me as your NaNoWriMo buddy, do it now. I'm under "DylanNewton" all smashed together, and I'd love the company as I battle through my 6th year of NaNoWriMo. It's better with friends...PLUS at the end, I'm going to give one lucky buddy one of my books (buddy's choice) as a 'thank you' for your writing camaraderie! 


P. S. WELCOME POST for Newton's NaNo 2014 is below in case you missed it!!

Welcome and Congratulations! Your decision to join me this November to write the novel inside YOU is the first--and arguably, the most important--step in your writing journey! Whether this is your first time participating in National Novel Writing Month, or you're a NaNo veteran, November's challenge will invigorate (and terrify!), motivate (and humble!) your writer-ly skills.

But I promise you this: if you complete the challenge, you WILL BE A BETTER WRITER! 

Want proof?? 
My 2008 NaNo project resulted
in my first contract!
My 2010 NaNo project
resulted in my 2nd contract!
My 2011 NaNo project
resulted in my 3rd contract!

I didn't do NaNo in 2009--and published no books that were written that year.
In 2012, "Any Witch Way" came out, and although I participated in NaNo, I didn't complete the challenge (novel is called "Makeovers and Minions" and is waiting for me to finish!!).
In 2013, "Despite the Fangs" was released, and my NaNo project was "Reality Princess" which I am currently finishing to submit to my publisher for a hopeful 2015 release.

The point is, the years I participated and FINISHED NanNoWriMo, were my most successful writing years. And while I cannot promise that your results will be the same, I will promise that by the end of our 30 days together, you will be a better writer!

Here's how to join me for NaNoWriMo 2014: 

1. Sign up for NaNoWriMo here for FREE (For my <18 novelists, you'll want the Young Writers NaNoWriMo program here.)

2. After you've completed your sign-up, add me as your Writing Buddy! Click on"Search" in the top menu, and type in my name with no space like this 'DylanNewton'--you should see my picture there, click on it, and in the next screen you'll see 'Add as Buddy' and, voila! We're buddies!

Young Writers--if you're not already in a classroom, and want to join mine, I'd love to have you! Use the same method as above to find me, and to join my virtual classroom, you'll want to search for my class name: 'Keep Calm & Write On Teen NaNo' for Citrus County, FL. Even if you're not from Citrus County, you're welcome to join our class.

3. Subscribe or bookmark my blog for weekly "Writers Give Me Five" quickie videos, cheat-sheets and more to help YOU achieve success in NaNoWriMo. While you're here, you can also sign up for my VIP Club, the NEWTON NATION by typing in your email above on the right. While this step isn't necessary to join me, it's a fun way to win some cool prizes!

Thanks for joining me in the 2014 NaNoWriMo challenge--together, we will WRITE to SUCCESS!
Write On...

P.S. Want to see what my writer's desk looks like during NaNoWriMo? And my post about the positive effects of butt glue during my 2012 NaNo challenge is here.