Thursday, November 15, 2012

My desk during November (ahh, NaNoWriMo!)

The Anatomy of a Writer's Desk During NaNoWriMo

From left to right:
  1. Bulletin board with two calendars--one marking the days of November, the other tracking my word count each day towards the 50,000 end of month goal. I star the dates I make at least 1,667 words a day (so far looking at 8 of 14 days but overall still on track--the days I'm prolific make up for the days I stare at my computer for ten minutes at a time, wondering what the hell I'm doing). Kind of reminds me of the stickers I used to give my little one when she didn't pee the bed at night. I get REALLY EXCITED to put the star on my calendar at the end of my writing day. Pathetic, but true.
  2. Then you'll see the edges of some inspirational quotes--probably not coincidental that they're covered up by other shiz. The middle of NaNoWriMo is a dicey time for inspirational quotes. Mostly, I'm just looking for ways to bolt my a** to the chair.
  3. Ahh, my newest writer's tool: the Character Board. I have an annoying lack of a short-term memory, and have found myself on other novels changing character's eye color, mannerisms and (as in the case of my first novel, Despite the Ghosts) the gender of the cat. Luckily, I've caught the mistakes in edits before production, but this is my hope I can remain consistent.
  4. On my desk is where the chaos...erm, the magic happens!! My general plot notebook for my new series (I'm writing Book 1 of the Lipsticks and Lucifer series for NaNoWriMo this year) is open on the left, followed by a rather fantastic list of "Vivid Verbs" given to me by one of my Beta Readers, and finally taped together under my wireless mouse is my plot diagram. Although, as my four-year-old likes to remind me, it's my "scribble-scrabbles."
  5. Under all of this shiz--I think you might be able to see the ripped edge of an envelope just under my desk lamp--are the bills I'm late paying this month. They've been buried here for over a week. Thank God I decided to post a picture of my desk. Freaking ridiculous. 
  6. In the background is an antique desk calendar. It shows the day as the 22nd. It's not, of course. I haven't changed that thing in months. But it's fun to look at, and so is the ink well and ink pen holder right next to it. Maybe after NaNo is over, I'll learn calligraphy. But I doubt it.
  7. And finally, the lower quadrant of the photo shows you how decrepit I've become as a writer. I have to use one of those wrist-thingys by my keyboard. My carpal-tunnel is KILLING ME!! 
So, that's what National Novel Writing Month looks like in my house. I cannot wait until November ends, and my 50,000 words on "Makeovers and Minions" is complete.

Writing my way through to...
Happily My Ever After,

Care to share the status of your writer's desk? Feel free to post below!

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