Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Creating an Author Facebook Page

After years of avoiding it, I finally created the dreaded...

Author Facebook Page 

Yes, it's true. I caved.

Despite the fact that I'm notoriously irregular updating my own personal Facebook page, I went out and cluttered the web with my new "Author" page. It just got to the point where I no choice. Here's why...

3 Clues That It's Time to Create an Author Facebook Page:

1. When readers and fans begin to find your personal Facebook page it's pretty cool. At first. Then, you get that one fan who is a little creepy. Maybe he posts something like, oh, I don't he hoped to see me at the next book signing to get tips on writing sex scenes... and suddenly you realize how much personal stuff is just sitting out there, like chum floating in the ocean, ready to be snapped up by the first hungry predator. (Yeah, that was a true story. *shudder*)

2. You want separation between your treasured new fans, readers/author friends from...well, you know. From your paranoid co-workers, your psycho boss or the crazy [insert relative name here] who uses Facebook solely to post the score from her billionth game of  Farmville and rant about politics and religion. Sometimes in the same post.

3. When you are serious about taking your writing career seriously, and you want a way to measure your success. I don't know. There was something about watching those "Likes" pile up in my Author Page that felt so different from my personal page. I've been published since my debut novel, "Despite the Ghosts," came out in 2010 but I can honestly say this little step made me feel like more of the real deal. And I just loooove the Insights section of Admin panel. Nothing helps illustrate success like a good old-fashioned chart!

Go ahead and create that extra FB page, my writer and author friends.  It's like the motto of the Borg (Yeah, I like Star Trek. So sue me.), "Resistance is Futile." 

Happily Writing My Ever After...

Dying to see my final product? Go to -- and at the very least you can snicker at my profile picture. 

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