Monday, January 29, 2018

Finding my BLISS in 2018 as a writer...and a TASK MINDER GIVEAWAY for you!

If you've followed me for a while, you know that I'm a goal-setting, list-keeping kind-of-gal, so it will come as no surprise to hear I'm setting new goals for 2018. (If you want to check out my past goals, there is a great post HERE. and two FREE hour-long workshops I did on SMART Goals for Sunshine State Romance Authors can be found HERE.)

Except this year, I am including NON-WRITING GOALS! (Yes, gasping would be appropriate here!)

In preparing for a workshop earlier this year, I came across the super-addicting world of Vision
Boards and decided to incorporate all aspects of my life into my Vision/Goals for 2018--as you can see from the picture, I divided it up into Writing, Home/Family, Personal and Spiritual/Philanthropy. Honestly, I debated on 'sharing' it with all of you--sharing goals for me is a bit like running in tight, all-body spandex. Something I never do because it's very uncomfortable, with every ripple and blemish out there for all to see. And judge. Yikes!!

But, in the end, I decided that perhaps something in my writing journey would help here it is! Keep scrolling for the TASK MINDER that I'd created for the workshop--I have several left over and will send to YOU for FREE if you'd like!

You'll notice my 2018 Word/Theme is : SEEK BLISS and I worked with each section of my goals until I was satisfied that those bullet points were those things that bring me/my family BLISS this year. Lately, I've had difficulty finding daily BLISS--a couple of years ago, it led to a heart scare and a day of wearing a heart monitor (you can read all about that here). There is so much negativity and divisiveness, it's been a challenge to focus on inner peace. Bliss. So. Back to my new goals...

In writing, bliss means TONS of giveaways to readers/fans/newsletter subscribers! I dearly love giving fun swag and other fun things away, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter HERE. Writing new fiction brings be BLISS, so that means submitting a new manuscript to my agent in March (because while writing brings me joy...the royalty checks help pay the bills!). In Personal, I am in the throes of training for a Half Marathon with my daughter, among other things. In Philanthropy, I'm busy booking time with writers (kids and adults) to share my passion for my craft, and focusing on the quality of time spent leading Girl Scouts (going on 13 years as leader now, so the burn-out struggle is REAL!).

The Historic Pink House that I've drooled
over my whole life, lol! 

(Photo from Discover AlleganyCounty website HERE.)
Finally, in the Home/Family section, finding BLISS meant going after something I've wanted since I was 4 years old and peering through the wrought-iron gates at Wellsville's historic Victorian (the Pink House at the left)...I want to own a Victorian home as a vacation property. (Ok, truly, I'd really just like to own the Pink House. But since that's probably an unrealistic goal, I'll settle for another historic cutie!!

I hope some of my 2018 Goal posting has you thinking about your own goals this year--it's not too late to make them...or even change them! And to help you out, I've got a FUN FREEBIE for you! Simply message me before the end of February 2018 on my Contact Page here with your physical address, and I'll send you one of these adorable TASK MINDERS I've created for your goals for FREE--I'll even cover postage!
Get one of these Task Minders for YOUR 2018 Goals for FREE!
Just email/message me your address, and I'll pop one in the mail to you!

Using the little booklet is easy: simply put your goals on the left hand side, and write the tasks it'll
take to achieve those on the right hand side...and then check them off as you accomplish! Thanks for staying with me on my writing journey--your continued readership of my blog means a great deal, especially considering I'm not the most avid blogger in the world, lol! Here's to our continued BLISS in 2018!

Happily My Ever After,

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