Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pitch Perfect & Ready for RWA 2015!

All month I've been working my a** off, and (if you've read my last post) trying not to stress and make my heart flip-flop in my chest anymore...but I'm finally ready for RWA 2015!

I just finished packing and printing out my final version of my marketing one-sheet (because I do better with props) and I'm ready for successful pitches on my new YA project, Delinquent.

Hell, it's GOT to be better than the last time I pitched. 

I channeled 'Flipper' and spoke half-dolphin during the whole thing, all the while eyeing the bed behind me. (No, it's not THAT kind of pitch. For the whole story, check out this blog post on my writing chapter's site HERE.)

Plus, keep your fingers crossed for me, as Delinquent is one of 3 finalists in YARWAs "Rosemary" award!! I'll find out if I won this Friday at the Evening of YA. Check it out at YARWAs link HERE.

If you're going to the RWA Conference, email me at my contact page HERE and let me know! I'd love to catch up with you at the conference and we can compare pitch notes. ;)

Happily My Ever After,

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