Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax Refund Irresponsibility!

Sometimes I'm too responsible for my own good. Or at least, my own happiness.

 Every year, I take our tax return refund and use it bills. Usually, it's used to pay down debt (credit card, home equity). Whoopie. I've had sneezes more satisfying than writing that check. Last year, we used it to buy a new air conditioning unit.

The fun never stops in the Newton house.

Being responsible, while financially sound, sucks eggs. Since I'm now all about injecting more Happily into my Ever After, I decided to do something different with our tax refund. Something--less responsible. Gasp!!

DISCLOSURE: OK, before you actuarial types freak out, I realize getting a refund means we don't claim enough dependents. And yes, I know I should invest that money myself, instead of letting Uncle Sam use it for the year. Rolling Stones said it best--Get off my Cloud. You're ruining my mojo. We've had years where we've had to pay and it wasn't fun, so we arrange things to ensure a return every year. Deal with it.

Back to my tiny break from being the Newton Family Fun Vacuum--I title I never sought, but one that came pre-packaged with my Type A personality. 'Cause left to his own devices, my husband would find something waaaay more fun to do with our yearly windfall than pay bills.

Imagine his surprise when this year, I took our entire tax return and blew it on...(*drumroll*) bedroom furniture!

Quit laughing. I could have put a new roof on the house. But I threw off the Mantle of Responsibility! I forged ahead, valiant in my Quest for Happily Ever After. I didn't just buy the bed, but all FIVE matching pieces! Okay, I know they're all in white--but still! (Seriously, stop laughing.)

Even my husband did a fist pump when I told him about how WE used our tax return (that would be the Royal WE, defined as "Me." Mike's been married to me long enough to know where the We stops and the Me begins). Oh, he could've cared about the furniture. He was thrilled because the furniture deal his intrepid wife brokered came with...a new flat screen television. For the bedroom. Because we've never had a television in the bedroom. Ever.

It's not hooked up to cable yet. That's another post for another day.

Today, I heartily advocate Tax Refund Irresponsibility!! Go forth! Be audacious--buy something outlandish and crazy! (Psst--it's Rooms To Go that has the TV with the furniture deal, so go nuts!!).

How are you spending your return money? Can you top this?

Thanks for tuning in as I slave over ways to inject Happily into my Ever After,


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