Thursday, January 30, 2014

FREE webinar: "Writer's Road Map to Success in 2014"

Fill your Writer's Toolbox for FREE!

It's not often that you get something for nothing...but thanks to the lovely gals at Sunshine State Romance Authors, Inc., FREE means FREE in this hour-long webinar on creating your writer's road-map to success in 2014.

Here is the link for the FREE Writer's Webinar:

And the fantabulous presenter (okay, that's moi!!) has also created a goal worksheet and a Writer's Passport to Success to go along with the webinar. Isn't she nice?!? ;)

Enjoy, and here's to YOU hitting your writing goals...
Happily My Ever After,

P.S. Want to see my writer-ly (and other) goals for 2014? Click here.


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    1. :) I"m sure you already had your goals set, right Chrys? You're on a roll with your writing!