Friday, August 2, 2013

Writers Pay It Forward Friday--Query Letters that Worked!

Today is the first post of my Writers Pay It Forward Friday series--where I will feature a writer, showcase their latest and greatest novel, and give newbie writers a chance to look at what I would've given my left nostril to have before I was published...


I'm not sure why it is, but actual query letters that got results are hard to find online, especially from the author himself/herself. Maybe it's a hit to their pride; query letters are personal, sometimes embarrassing, soul-baring missives that writers may not want their fans to see. Or maybe it's a territorial thing--sort of a 'I had to muddle through it, so should they!' vibe.

I'm neither prideful nor territorial. 

So over the next few weeks, I'll show you mine--the ones that bombed, and the ones that got requests for partial manuscripts. Along the way, I'll offer tips and tricks to writing a query letter (or query email) for ANY manuscript.

Best of all...I will feature an author each month with his/her actual query letter that got him/her a request for a partial or full manuscript. In that way, not only will you see the actual query that resulted in a contract, you can also see the end result--what the novel came to be after edits and revisions.

Pretty cool, right? If you want 'in' on this party, just check back weekly to see what's new, or better yet, subscribe to my blog by clicking on the link to your right that says, "Follow My Happily Ever After."

Here's to ALL of us writing...
Happily My Ever After,

P.S. If you are an author who has been traditionally published and have an actual query letter that got you a publishing contract, please click the "Contact" link above. I'd love to feature you, your actual query letter, and the resulting book on my blog!

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